Impact of Lake-Level Reductions on Lake Conroe Area – Texas A&M Report

Here is the final report for Texas A&M estimating the impact of the lake level reductions:

Download the PDF: Lake Conroe Final Report

Bottom Line Summary

  •  The GRP scenarios are likely to impact lake-levels significantly. Lake-levels are expected
    to fall more than four feet below full pool 1.6 times more often in phase one than in prior
    periods, and increase to 8.5 times more often in phase four.
  • Direct economic impacts are most likely to occur geographically near the lake.
  • Residential properties in lakefront communities enjoy a 15% premium, which declines
    quickly with geographic distance.
  • Residents in lakefront communities expect a 28% decline in residential property values,
    in which case losses in real estate values would amount to $1.1 billion in the area.
  • For each foot of lake-level decline beyond the first two feet, retail trade revenue in the
    City of Montgomery decreases about $414,000 per quarter per foot, or about $1.6 million
    per year per foot.
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