Once again, I have come upon a couple outdoor products that are new to me and I thought that today I would pass some on to you as I found them interesting.

Anything you put on a boat will rust, rot, or corrode and that is doubly true boating around saltwater. I am not much of a fan of plastic everything in our lives, but I must concede that I have seen something to make me take notice in spite of being mostly plastic. That is a line of plastic marine door or hatch hinges.

Traditional metal hinges seldom last long in marine environments, as repeated use wears away protective coatings and once the raw metal is exposed the corrosion kicks into high gear and soon the hinge must be replaced.

The plastic hinges I have seen from Beckson Marine offer comparable strength to metal hinges and should last longer. The only metal on them is the hinge pins and they are made of Monel, which has been around since 1905.

For those folks not familiar with Monel, it is a nickel alloy, primarily composed of nickel and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. It is stronger than pure nickel and highly resistant to corrosion by many aggressive substances, including seawater.

The hinges are made from injection-moulded acetal resin and fitted with Monel hinge pins. They are lightweight and strong, being breaking strength tested to one hundred fifty pounds, are impervious to rust and corrosion and come in two styles and each style is available in either black or white.

These hinges also offer an added benefit of a unique design that meets challenging mounting situations.

The HGAP Series Full Opening Hinges swing a complete one hundred eighty degrees yet are flat when closed so hatch covers lay level. They come in four lengths: one and three quarter inch, three inch, four inch and six inch. All are one and one-half inches wide. The design enables users to buy two different-sized hinges and interchange their parts, which is extremely helpful when an installation's clearance isn't equal on both sides.

Sometimes you find that you have an off-level hinge mounting situation and that can be a real hassle with conventional hinges. Beckson HGB Series Offset Hinges can be the answer. They are one and one-half inches wide and their dual Monel pins and gap between each side that allows slight height variations. This also provides up to three-quarters of an inch setback from the hatch or door edge.

The Offset Hinges have interchangeable parts also and come in four lengths: two and one-quarter inch, three and one-half inch, four and seven-sixteenth inch and six and seven-sixteenth inch. They are sold in pairs with MSRP for the HGAP models starting at thirteen dollars and the HGB versions starting at fourteen dollars.

This next item that I came on I don't know how I ever lived without is a tool from Beckson Marine and is their Shipmate Stainless Steel Pick.

Anyone who spends time on boats knows that a good quality pick is an invaluable tool. This pick is compact enough to allow you to access hard-to-reach spots but sturdy enough to chip block ice. If you are like me, you have used ice picks, screw drivers and even home made metal fabrications to tackle the wide range of tasks requiring a sturdy pointed tool, which only last for one or two jobs, if they work at all.

The Shipmate is made with a sharp, tapered, stainless steel blade and is ideal for any number of everyday jobs like making pilot holes, testing for wood rot, punching through leather, scraping dried-up caulking out of tight places or even pinning fish to fillet boards for safer cleaning.

I have found this to be a real handy tool and keep finding more uses for it every time I start working around a boat, truck, or in my work shop. If I had an RV I expect that would put a new bunch of uses for it.

The Shipmate Stainless Steel Pick has corrosion-resistant marine resin handle and is slightly squared to keep it from rolling off a counter or deck. The one I like is is seven inches long and has a four inch blade and came with a sheath. The MSRP is around $41.

This pick would make and ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the outdoors man in your life especially if they already have everything.

The last item that caught my eye is the Flow-Rite MB-006 Pump-Out Aerator Bundle. While most livewell pumps simply recirculate the water within this system adds a high-performance PowerStream aerator to keep trophy catches healthy, but also offers the convenience of fast overboard draining. The kit is ideal for retrofitting and contains every part needed to upgrade an existing livewell configuration.

The Flow-Rite PowerStream aerator features a venturi air intake that maximizes oxygen levels in the water with a nozzle that can be rotated to optimize circulation. When it's time to drain or refresh the livewell, the device is pulled in to redirect water overboard through the thru-hull installed above the waterline. It's also great for filling tournament bags.

The Bundle includes the aerator, thru-hull, eight feet of three-quarter inch hose and fittings including four Flow-Rite's Qwik-Lok connectors to make installation fast and simple. It retails for $96.99.

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