LeBlanc: A look at some new boat accessories

No boat shows this year can eliminate the adventure out of looking around at all of the new goodies for our boats that we love to look at, dream about, and try and figure out how we can afford to make out boats more user friendly. We will also miss the opportunity to find and look at those items that we didn't know existed that would enhance our boating and fishing experience. I have come on some that caught my eye and I would like to share some of those with you but I only have room for three of them at this time.

One that caught my attention is the new Hella marine NaviLED LED navigation lamps. We all strive for long lasting solutions for our equipment on our boat and lights are necessary safety features, also lights are essential for you to be legal on the water.

The new NaviLED LED navigation lamps offer ultra-low power consumption and advanced electronic protection, the port, starboard and stern lamps draw less than four watts combined. Hella marine Multivolt circuitry ensures consistent illumination from eight to twenty eight volts DC, even under low battery voltages and high charging loads. The lamps are spike and reverse polarity protected.

With LED lights, there are no filaments to break and Hella marine LED products are highly shock and vibration resistant to stand up to extreme conditions. They are also completely sealed, making them impervious to saltwater, dust and contaminants and are UV and corrosion resistant. The lens and lamp body will not fade, craze or yellow as are seen with many lesser quality lighting.

All are pre-wired with marine cable for fast, waterproof installations, and are certified for recreational and commercial vessels.

The additional light that can be added to the new lights is the stern Anchor Pole Mount Lamps. This one is not like the flimsy poles and light often seen but is built to withstand the rigors of hard use and they come in a wide array of models to fit virtually any application. They're approved for a Two mile range.

Like the other lights, the Anchor Pole Mount Lamps are completely sealed and feature rugged marine plastic housings. The tough Grilamid lenses enable extreme light clarity while resisting damage from chemicals, UV rays and impact. They are easy to install and each lamp is pre-wired with twin-core marine cable. For more information on all of these lights you can go to www.hellamarine.com.

One of the slickest new products I have seen recently is the Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug and I wish I would have had one of these available for all of my boats over the years.

You know how when loading your trailer after a day of boating, it's necessary to open the drain plug to clear out any residual water. It is the law in the great state of Texas to Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat after use. Because the plug is located at the lowest point of the hull, it's easy to bump your head, get splashed, or have to get down on your knees or belly trying to get to the plug and open or remove it.

The new Remote Drain Plug from Flow-Rite makes these scenarios a thing of the past with a control knob operated from inside the boat that also shows whether the plug is in or out. Beside making life easier it is made in the good old USA.

The Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug consists of the plug, a choice of different cable lengths, and control knob actuator. It's made of a durable polymer that won't rust or cause galvanic corrosion. Being one piece, the plug can't be misplaced. To see a video of it you can go to bit.ly/RemoteDrainPlug.

The Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug is easy to install with household tools on most fiberglass or aluminum hulls. Two popular locations for the control are next to the throttle and in the engine splashwell.

One more new product that I don't know how I ever lived without is the Fisherman's Cup Holder from SeaSucker. This might be an invaluable accessory for anglers as it does double-duty as a pair of cup holders and also a mini mobile tackle-rigging station. It is a practical and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

The Fisherman's Cup Holder has two removable inserts for easy cleaning. The center three and three-quarter inch cup can be used to stow small sundry items. It has built-in knife and pliers holders, as well as twenty four hook and lure holes. It measures fourteen inches by four and one-half inches wide, so it fits on a gunwale without getting in the way.

The holder uses SeaSucker's innovative four and one-half Vacuum Mount. Once positioned where you want it, a few pumps of the integrated power button adheres it to any clean, non-porous surface with 120 pounds of holding strength. It removes just as easily without leaving a mark.

Add to all of these features it is made in the USA and is manufactured from UV-stabilized materials and stainless steel hardware for 24/7 use in extreme weather conditions. To take a look at it and all of the features you can go to www.seasucker.com.

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