What You Can Do to Stop Our Lake Level Lowering

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In meeting with the SJRA Management Team last month, the Lake Conroe Association(LCA) inquired why the SJRA Board continues to vote in favor of lowering the lake. While the Management Team cannot speak for the individual votes of its Board Members, they did share a general sentiment. The LCA was told that Kingwood residents show up at SJRA Board Meetings, write letters and e-mails, and do a splendid job of showing interest in the decisions to be made by the SJRA Board regarding lake levels. Conversely, the SJRA Board most likely sees the Lake Conroe residents as apathetic and disinterested by their lack of effort in opposing SJRA’s Seasonal Lake Level Adjustment Program. The LCA is working with all Lake Conroe POA’s to dispel this image and DO SOMETHING to let the SJRA Board know we are not apathetic, do care about our lake levels, and are willing to put in the work to be heard. Are you?

How to attend Key SJRA Board meetings that will influence or determine the vote to renew:

SJRA Board Meeting Dates (all start at 8AM):

Dec. 12, 2019 – Recommended that HOA’s and POA’s and individuals attend to express concerns including public comment

Jan. 23, 2020 -LCA Presentation – organized presentation on the negative impacts and concerns

February 27, 2020 -SJRA Board vote on Seasonal Lake Level Adjustment Program

SJRA Board Meeting Location: 

SJRA Lake Conroe Campus

3rd Floor Conference Room

1577 Dam Site Road, Conroe, Texas 77304

Dam Site Road is north of Highway 105 at the traffic light and where the Shooter’s Station is located

(936) 588-3111

How to Contact Key SJRA individuals that will influence or determine the vote to renew:

SJRA Management:

Jace Houston, General Manager  jhouston@sjra.net

Chuck Gilman, Manager of Flood Management Division                cgilman@sjra.net

SJRA Board of Directors:

Lloyd B. Tisdale, President  – Ronnie Anderson, Vice President -Mark Micheletti, Treasurer

Kaaren Cambio, Secretary – Ed Boulware, Assistant Secretary

Jim Alexander, Member – Brenda Cooper, Member

E-Mail Communication for SJRA Board of Directors:

Visit SJRA web site at sjra.net

Select “SJRA Board of Directors”

Scroll to bottom of section and Select “Contact SJRA Board of Directors”

Mailing Communication for SJRA Management and Board of Directors:

San Jacinto River Authority  – P.O. Box 329 -Conroe, Texas 77305

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