Why Lake Conroe could save Houston one day, other things to know

Summertime means lake time and among the many bodies of water surrounding the Houston area is Lake Conroe.

The lake, which is about 45 minutes north of Houston off of I-45, is several decades old, and it plays a vital role in Houston’s future.

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Following a drought in the 1950s, a dam was constructed in 1973 to form a man-made lake from the West Fork waters of the San Jacinto River. In a mere nine months, the lake was full of over 21,000 acres of water.

If the Houston region ever experienced another extreme drought, like the one in the ’50s, then Lake Conroe would serve as the city’s secondary water supply.

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While the lake isn’t among the most beautiful or the clearest in the world, it still has attracted a community to grow around it. Since 1973, the levels of the lake have gone up and down, but the growth remains on an upward trajectory.

To learn facts about the lake’s history and maintenance, click through the gallery above.

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