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Do You Have Wireless Internet Access

Sunset Shores provides Internet access via 2 towers strategically located at east and west regions of the park. Signal strength will vary from site to site depending on tree and RV interference as well as distance from the tower. Reception on your computer also depends on the strength of your wireless card or plug-in client. If you are not staying connected to the network, we recommend a special plug-in (USB) wireless antenna from Best Buy or similar retail outlet that will substantially boost the signal from your computer.

Sunset Shores RV Park has a 20.0 Megabit connection (40 times the speed of DSL) for all residents to share 24 hours a day. Individual speeds can vary between 2 Mb and 15 Mb depending on usage and  signal strength. Sunset records the bandwidth usage for each connection to our network and reserves the right to terminate access when excessive usage is detected. Currently, our bandwidth can handle all sites simultaneously streaming video at the same time.

The wireless network is secured by a Firewall at the gateway computer and may detect unusual probes from your computer, thereby blocking you from access when certain thresholds are met. In most cases, these probes are not intentional or consequential.


WEP (key) Security Code: Call Office

NOTE: Do not disclose this WEP key to anyone!!!


External Antennas for RVs


Try Best Buy in Conroe

Wireless Network Names:

Sunset Shores East Tower (east end of park)

Sunset Shores West Tower (west end of park)

Security Type (Encryption):

WEP Authentication: Open System

Transmit: 1

Key Index: 1


General Instructions: Set your wireless client to only connect automatically to the tower that gives the best signal. Do not auto-connect to both towers.



 Extending the range of your LAPTOP.  (PCMCIA card)

This is usually the first problem when it comes to poor performing wireless network.  Upgrading the antennas on a router, while still using an old or underachieving PCMCIA card in your laptop will not get you better range.  ALWAYS upgrade the laptop, or desktop card FIRST, before upgrading the antennas on your router.

If you are using a laptop with the built in Centrino wireless technology, while convenient, this internal wireless card does not get very good distance when trying to connect to a Wireless Access Point more then 50 feet away.  Upgrade to a better PCMCIA card, like the ZyXel B-101, or Proxim OGOLD, and you will see a difference right away.

If you are using a laptop to access the internet or other files wirelessly, and are not getting the desired range, or just want to go further with it, then you will need a PCMCIA card with a upgradeable antenna option.  We recommend that you upgrade to a ZyXel B-101 card.  This PCMCIA card has a great Receive Sensitivity and also has a connector on it which allows for the addition of an external antenna.

Extend the Wireless range of your DESKTOP.  (PCI Card)

When using a desktop to communicate wirelessly, you have many options of what to use to extend the range of the wireless signal.  You can use a Client device, such as a Linksys WET11 or WET54G.  You can use a USB adapter, which is easy to install, but does not offer much range.  You can also use a PCI card, which you must install inside the computer, but usually has a removable antenna that you can upgrade.  Such a device is the Linksys WMP11, WMP54G, D-Link DWL-G520 or the ZyXel G-300.  These devices can adapt to an external antenna and are great for extending the range of your wireless network.

The problem with using a PCI card is that usually the card sits behind the computer, and the computer is behind the desk.  This means that the wireless signal has to work twice as hard to communicate with the wireless access point.  The solution is to purchase a small external antenna, that you can place on top of the desk or bookcase, and get the antenna out from behind the computer.  We recommend the D-link DWL-M60 for this application.

Contacting Us with Feedback:

If you are experiencing any difficulty using our Wireless Internet Access, please send us an email to:    rich@lakeconroe.com.  Include “Wireless Internet Access” in the subject line.

There are only 2 issues with wireless access, connection and speed. Describe your issue as one of those, detailing what you were doing when the issue occurred.

 If you like the wireless service Sunset Shores provides:

 Please visit our FACEBOOK page at www.facebook.com/SunsetShoresRVPark and let others know. Easier yet, leave a comment to this posting.

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  1. Virginia

    Are digital TV stations available and, if so, which ones?

    1. Rich Richardson

      Yes, we provide digital cable to each site. The channels provided are listed below:

      FOX NEWS

  2. roberto perez

    How much does it cost to get in and to park a motor home one day and do you have to make a reservation? and what other expenses can we run into?

    1. Rich Richardson

      Sorry, but we do not take overnight reservations. Weekly and monthly only.

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