Check-In | Check-Out

1)      Check in must be during office hours. If customer comes after 4:00 customer will have to come back the next day unless they have called and prearranged their site number with the office. In that case we will put an orange cone at the site to mark it for customer and to block parking after hours. The site number given to customer is the ONLY site customer can use. No pulling into a different site! The next morning customer is expected to come by the office and finish checking in before 4pm.

2)      Check out must be done at the office during office hours. Customer may let us know in person or by phone. If customer does not tell us when they leave, customer is responsible for the site up to the day we find out they are gone. This may mean paying 1 more day because customer pulled out after 5 and told us the next day, or more if customer never says anything and we only find out because we see the site empty. In addition if the RV is gone but customer’s stuff is still at the site, the site is considered rented. Only once all customer stuff is gone will they be done with the site.

3)      We do accept cash or checks for sites. However, a valid credit card number (which will not be charged unless moved out without telling us) or a deposit for electricity of $100 IN CASH for monthly tenants, refundable at the end of customer’s stay when check out. No deposit required for those paying with a card.

4)      It  is against the law to leave without paying the electricity. This is called theft of services.

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