OUTDOORS: Lake Conroe Fishing Report

Fishing on Lake Conroe is still in its summer pattern, slow to fair. The water is clear anywhere on the lake, the level is 199.71 feet above mean sea level, and the temperature of the water at the dam is running about 80 degrees early in the morning. Later in the day, the water will get up to the mid-80s. No water is being released, according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Black bass are slow to fair. Texas rigged soft plastics in Watermelon Green or pumpkin with a chartreuse tail worked slowly along docks, riprap, and other shallow structure are good starters from daylight until shortly after the sun gets up. Shallow running crankbaits and spinner baits are good early also. Later in the day the bass may be found around brush and other structure 15-20 feet deep.

Crappie are slow. Bostic said some small schools can be seen on brush but the fish are not interested in biting. He suggested that minnows over brush in 12-20 feet of water would be a good starting point. If we can get two or three cold fronts to come through like the one this week that will help the bite to pick up.

Catfish are good along baited ledges in water 18-25 feet deep. Fishing guide Bostic said they were catching a small catfish for every keeper, but the keepers are running from three to six pounds and were biting on cheese stink bait or liver. He also said Sunday morning he had a party out and they caught 19 blue catfish drifting cut bait on the top of the ledges, but it is necessary to stay on top of the ledges or they cease to bite.

Hybrids are scattered. You might try over humps and drop offs in 15-18 feet of water. Bostic said occasionally some are being caught on chicken liver with the catfish.

Bream have slowed some and the spawn is finished so they are not as thick as they have been. Night crawlers and meal worms are still the best bait and some nice bream the size of your hand are still being caught, but may be skinny.

The information for this fishing report has been made available by Bostic, working out of Seven Coves. For information about his services go to his website at www.wethook.com or call 936-718-7983.

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