Why Lake Conroe is full of monster fish

There are monsters lurking in Lake Conroe.

On March 20, biologists with Texas Parks and Wildlife caught a 42-inch blue catfish during a survey of the lake.

In 2016, the same team photographed a 52-inch beast that is likely still there, waiting for the right angler.

"The catfish fishery is phenomenal (on Lake Conroe)," said Mark Webb, district supervisor for TPWD's College Station-Houston Inland Fisheries Management District.

MORE BIG CATCHES: Best photos from South Texas Fishing Association

Webb said channel catfish, bottom feeders, are plentiful in the lake, but it's the blue catfish that are most likely to become monsters, because they feed on other fish, like shad.

"They get really big; they can easily go over 100 pounds," Webb said. "I think we'll just see more and more big ones as we go along."

Lake Conroe provides a perfect environment to grow giant catfish.

"The lake is just the right amount of richness, and it's absolutely full of forage fish," Webb said.

Fishing has also been good for crappie, large mouth bass and white bass this year.

Webb said large amount of rain in the Houston area has led to good spawn for those fish.

See some of the recent Lake Conroe catches documented by Webb's team and the TPWD Toyota Sharelunker Program in the photos above. 

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